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LGXshare’s goal is to recommend the things that really matter. Each year, we independently test and review thousands of items to help you pinpoint exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking for ordinary items or a gift for a loved one, our goal is to save you time and minimize the stress of shopping.

We operate with complete editorial independence in order to be the most trusted product recommendation service. We don’t offer recommendations until our writers and editors have thoroughly researched and tested something and determined that it is the best.

Subscriptions and various affiliate marketing partnerships are how we make our money. This means that if you buy something after clicking on a link to our retailer’s site, we may be compensated. However, we do provide product recommendations based on our own research, analysis, interviews and testing. There is no reason for us to choose lesser products or to succumb to pressure from manufacturers – in fact, quite the opposite. We do not receive affiliate commissions if a reader returns a product because they are not satisfied with it or if the recommendation is incorrect. We believe this is a pretty fair approach and incentivizes us to put our readers first. Of course, the items we promote on our site are always based on editorial and product testing criteria, not on affiliates or advertising partners.

Weeks or months of research and years of experience have gone into our reviews. We gather interviews and data from the largest available sources, including engineers, scientists, designers and a vast array of subject matter experts, from barbers to cat café personnel (and residents) to redneck champions. We also examine user reviews to see what is important to real individuals who have previously purchased and used the products we evaluate. In a world where expensive, top-of-the-line styles with junk features are often considered the gold standard, we strive to promote quality products that offer value for money without overselling features you’ll never use.

Our process is sometimes fascinating and enjoyable (imagine creating an obstacle course for a robotic vacuum cleaner, or lighting a room on fire to test a fireproof safe). We apply our meticulous methods and advanced research skills to more than 1,000 product categories, including washing machines, TVs, artificial Christmas trees, bath towels, non-drying pans, bar speakers, storage boxes, office chairs, headlights, sewing machines, mattresses, wine glasses, air purifiers, space heaters, treadmills, iPhone cases, Wi-Fi routers, carry-on luggage, cloth masks, and yes , and wire cutters. We want to find the best things quickly, easily and directly, knowing what’s not worth buying so you can continue to enjoy your life.

We choose the same products for ourselves and recommend them to family and friends. If we suggest you spend your hard-earned money on something, we’ll treat it as if it were our own.

The most critical factor for us is the confidence of our readers. If we recommend something based on bias or laziness, readers will not support our work. We also encourage readers to fact-check our articles, which detail the time, reasoning and effort it took for us to conduct research, interview experts and test items. This usually takes dozens, if not hundreds, of hours. Each guide lists all the facts we used to reach our conclusions so you can make your own decision.

If you need help with a specific shopping difficulty, please contact us. Our team consists of smart and curious individuals who enjoy researching readers’ questions and will do everything possible to help.

We earn a commission when you buy through our link. Everything we recommend is a product that we have evaluated.

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