How to Pitch Stories to LGXshear

Everyone at LGXshare is obsessed with finding the best items for our readers. We’ve all experienced the disappointment of spending our money on something that doesn’t meet our expectations. We want our freelancers to write every article for us with the same passion and attention to detail, whether it’s a personal article or a mentoring piece. We’re always looking for more journalists to share our passion for our goals. After all, we can only include the best content for most people in our coverage if we have a diverse group of writers.

Most of our work is done by our team of professional journalists who are constantly testing and re-testing the product to keep our reviews up-to-date. However, we do occasionally welcome submissions of shorter articles, and we also connect with freelancers to co-author longer guides. Here’s what you should know.

How we work
We use a combination of data and trends to determine the types of information users most need and desire when assigning assessments. (However, we are not completely dominated by numbers; we also rely on common sense.) The result of this process is that we do not accept many comments from team members. Updates to previously published guidelines follow a similar process, although they may require much less effort. However, different editors may occasionally ask writers with beat knowledge to update or revise existing guides, and we will also publish shorter, less time-consuming articles. We are interested in meeting new writers and getting proposals for these works.

What kind of proposals we accept
We accept short news stories, tributes and presentations about the products we already cover. We do not accept lengthy reviews, which we usually give to our staff, but we are always interested in meeting with experienced freelancers to whom we can assign mentoring or updates in the future.

We pay
We usually pay $200 for shorter clips, but this can vary depending on the effort involved. We vary our prices for longer reviews. A new review or rewrite of an existing review costs about $1,000 (except for very rapid or intensive updates), and an update to an existing review costs about $300 (except for particularly rapid or intensive updates).

Who we want to work with
We want to connect with freelancers who are experts in the fields we cover. Are you a cookbook author who can’t get enough of kitchen appliances? A web expert who works to improve people’s sluggish networks? Are you a trained industrial designer who likes to obsess over table and chair design? Is there a form of expert writer who is equally qualified? We look forward to hearing from you.

How to market
A solid pitch should be no more than a catchy title and three paragraphs of explanation. We’re looking for articles about things and how to live with them: in-depth features, unconventional ideas, or product testimonials that our readers may not know about. A good pitch will make you wish the story had been written so you could read more.

We earn a commission when you buy through our link. Everything we recommend is a product that we have evaluated.

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