Halsey’s Hair Evolution, From Blue ‘Dos to Buzz Cuts

From her long, blue-green hair to several short, brightly colored styles, Halsey’s hair has gone through several different evolutions over the past few years. After releasing her debut album Badlands in 2015, Halsey graced the cover of Billboard in 2016 and landed the Billboard Hot 100 single “Closer” with the Chainsmokers that same year.Halsey’s momentum continued with her second album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Songs debuted at No. 1. It produced the Top 5 hit “Bad at Love,” followed closely by collaborations with G-Eazy (“Him and Me”) and Benny Blanco and Khalid (“Eastside”), both of which reached the Top 15 of the Hot 100.

Their third album, Manic, produced the single “Without Me”. For their fourth album, Halsey teamed up with solo icon Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails to cover Billboard in 2021 and received a Grammy nomination for their fourth album, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, which is a meditation on death and their pregnancy.

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In an interview with Billboard magazine, Halsey said:- “Something really remarkable happened when I gave birth to my son, and that was the complete, glorious disappearance and death of my ego.” “When I came home, nothing mattered anymore. He thought I was perfect and great. It’s going to be a whole different puzzle, parental guilt, but for now, I’m happy. The wonderful thing about it is that it means I can create when I want to. Hopefully it means that whatever I do, it’s something I aspire to. Because the only thing I expect of myself is to be a really good mom, and everything else will just go with the flow.”

As her art and life continue to evolve, Halsey hasn’t stopped experimenting with her hair. See how the pop star’s hairstyles have changed from early in her career to their more recent counterparts.

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