Heads up: Apple AirPods and AirTags are on sale at Amazon — save nearly $70

Apple is not a company that drops prices, especially on its unbeatable wireless headphones. So when we heard about the Amazon AirPods discount, we got in touch. We’re talking about a price drop on AirPods (second generation) and a discount on AirPods pro, with savings of up to $69.

That’s not the end of the sale, though. Amazon also offers deals on Apple AirTags. If you’re not familiar, AirTags is a great way to keep track of your stuff:keys, backpacks, etc. You can install an AirTag on anything that’s easy to lose, and then the next time you’re desperately looking for that thing, you can find it with your iPhone.

At these discounted prices, these devices are almost guaranteed to sell out, so don’t hesitate. Amazon will provide you with free shipping on these items. And of course, if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get fast delivery too. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial here.

Save $69: Apple AirPods Pro

alling all audiophiles: This price drop is stupendous! (Photo: Amazon)

We all know that the 70,000+ five-star fans on Amazon can’t be wrong. The Apple AirPods Pro are definitely the pinnacle of audio and comfort. Unlike previous versions of the iconic headphones, the AirPods Pro feature active noise cancellation that blocks out almost all ambient and background noise. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pair, now is the time to do it. They’re on sale for $69.

They are custom fit for any ear and come in three (included) different sized silicone tips. Expect a comfortable fit and the peace of mind that these buds won’t slip out of place halfway through your workout. (Use the included “eartip fit test” so you know which tip size works best for you and your particular ear shape.)

As for the sound: “These headphones sound like headphones surrounded by sound, much better than most headphones and earbuds I’ve used,” says one of the thousands of happy shoppers. “Great bass, clarity, good spatial audio and noise cancellation, which is an added bonus …. Take these headphones, you won’t regret it.”

Another fan says: “For noise cancellation, they are more effective than I thought they would be. They’re best at blocking out white noise – the sound of bus engines, office sounds, fans, etc. If it’s just a group of people talking at a normal volume, they’re good at making noise.”

Save $10: Apple AirTag 4 Pack

Keep track of your stuff, with Apple AirTags. Nearly 16,000 Amazon customers love them. (Photo: Amazon)

AirTags basically uses “find my iPhone” type technology to help you keep track of other things. Put it on your keys, bag or purse and you’ll have peace of mind. If you misplace something, you can find it, as long as you have an iPhone 11 (or better). It’s a life changer for those of us who like to make room for important items where we put them.

AirTags are coin-sized and easy to use, via the Find My app on any iOS device. You can even force the AirTag to sound a bell to help you locate the exact position of an object. A box of four, usually priced at $99, now retails for $89.

“I love these,” said one of the more than 15,800 five-star fans. “My son was always misplacing his keys and wallet. We also found the inserts for his wallet. I put the extra one on the dog collar!”

Save $59: Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

For $100, you can score the second generation AirPods, beloved by hundreds of thousands of Amazon shoppers. (Photo: Amazon)

Haven’t tried AirPods because of the price? This could be the deal for you. Much cheaper than the AirPod pro with many of the same features and functions, these second-generation AirPods are only $100 – and they’ve racked up an amazing 443,000+ positive reviews on Amazon. You’ll get premium audio, and over 24 hours of total listening time with the charging case.

“They’re simply fantastic,” said one fan. “These are the best pair of wireless headphones I’ve come across …. They are so easy to connect! Once I attached them to my iPhone, they connected seamlessly to my other Apple devices …… The battery life is absolutely impressive, I need to charge it every 2 days. And it’s easy to carry anywhere, it’s so small …… crisp sound quality and smooth connection ….”

Grab it while the price is low!

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