CHI vs. Dyson Straightener

I remember in middle school trying to straighten my curly/wavy (2A) hair with a hairdryer and round comb… The results are decent, but there’s a lot to be desired in terms of the hairy front and styling. My mother told me that when she and her friends were younger, they used to straighten each other’s hair with an iron and make it look smooth! Thank God for the invention of hair straighteners! There have been many iterations since they first appeared on the market, but my favorites (the straighteners I’ve tried) are the two I’m sharing today.

CHI was once the top line straightener of choice, but now I believe that title is held by GHD(and for good reason!). This 1 “ceramic plate straightener still gets the job done and I’ve been very happy with it for the past ten years.


CHI: On/off switch (I only put it in the “on” position so that when I plug in the straightener, it automatically starts heating up).
CHI has determined what they think is the most effective and maximum straightening temperature (392°F), so it’s up to you to discern how long to stay in your hair to get the desired result while causing the least damage.

Dyson: Power button on/off, as well as sliding locking mechanism to keep straightening mechanism closed for easy storage and travel.
Dyson offers three temperature options: low (330°F), medium (365°F) and high (410°F), depending on your hair type and styling needs. I usually stick to medium because that’s what my hair needs, but I like the option to turn it down or up if needed.

The heating plate:

CHI: Use a 1 “tourmaline ceramic hotplate to evenly, securely smooth and straighten your hair. CHI plate iron produces unusually large amounts of negative ions and far infrared, reducing static electricity and achieving a sleek, straight style.

Dyson: Use a thermal bending board for smoothing and straightening, but also for larger hair combinations. “Our bending plates are precision-machined to reach the width of a human hair, and each plate has 15 micro-hinged segments. This means they can bend and adapt the hair, controlling it during styling. They are made of manganese-copper alloy, which was chosen for its strength, flexibility and thermal conductivity.”


CHI: Lighter, thinner and shorter in length, but I think that’s because the power of the device is supplied by the rotating power cord. The total weight of the device is 1.4 pounds, but this must include string weight because the straightener itself is much lighter than the Dyson.

Dyson: The straightener is a nice weight (1.23 pounds), but I don’t think it’s particularly heavy; It just feels full. For placing batteries and smart heating elements, I found the size to be perfect.


CHI: This product comes with an 11-foot swivel cord for easy storage with Velcro strips.

Dyson: I’d say the stand is unnecessary, but if you have extra counter space, it’s a stylish and useful way to charge! Simply plug the power cord into the base of the straightener itself for easy charging, especially if you need to charge the straightener while it is in use (also love that the power cord and receiver are magnetized for easy use!). The power cord will rotate when connected to the straightener, so it won’t hinder your use.
On battery life: “Up to 30 minutes of cordless styling can be achieved with the Dyson Corrale straightener, starting with a full charge. The exact running time depends on your hair type and styling habits. A full charge takes only 70 minutes. To maximize your running time, place charging blocks when not in use and between styling sections. The OLED screen and the chimes will indicate that your machine is charging properly. We recommend starting with 100% charge to get maximum uptime.”


CHI: Dual voltage features for easy travel, but will require an adapter when traveling internationally. “If you want to use a curling iron outside the United States, you have to find one that has a dual voltage function. Also keep in mind that most curling tongs come with standard American plugs, so you’ll need a plug adapter that fits a European outlet. Don’t leave America without it!”

Dyson: Because the Dyson battery is so powerful, it often triggers TSA detectors when going through security. Be sure to turn off the battery before you travel with your device to keep the plane safe! Not only does the sleeve that comes with the machine do a good job of absorbing/preventing heat, but it has a specific holder that protects the battery plug when it is not actively participating in the machine. Note: You only need to remove this item when traveling on the plane, not frequently. Built-in universal voltage for easy charging while traveling abroad.

  • Note: In Japan, stricter rules mean you can’t take your hair straighteners in or out of any Japanese airport.

I would say, I highly recommend you go with the CHI that offers the best value for money. Because it’s excellent in all sorts of ways, and the price is absolutely right for you. If you choose to invest in Dyson Corrale, I personally would wait for it to be discounted to get the best price! Typically, it’s included in Nordstrom’s anniversary sale and Sephora’s biennial sale, so if upgrading your straightener isn’t an emergency purchase, saving up for one of these promotions would certainly be my recommendation.

All in all, CHI is the best choice for most!

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