Favorite Heirloom Traditions Paint & Wax Combinations

Let’s talk about one of my favorite heirloom traditional paint and wax combinations. I like to layer a lot of colors, so I need a lot of options. For this reason, I like to find several paint brands that offer strong adhesion, durability and great color options. One of my favorite brands is also Heirloom Traditions Paints. While the choices are scary, they can also be overwhelming, so I thought I’d share my favorite combinations of Heirloom Traditions paint and wax. Sounds good, right?

See what I mean, look at all these awesome colors! So many beautiful choices. Here are a few of my favorite heirloom traditional paint and wax combinations!

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So let’s get started! This is my favorite! !

Heirloom Traditional Paint – Black Bean with Heirloom traditional gel wax


  • Black Bean Heirloom Traditions Paint and White Lime Gel Wax
  • Irish Creme Heirloom Traditions Paint and Dark Umber Gel Wax
  • Peppery Heirloom Traditions Paint and Dark Umber Gel Wax
  • Repose’ Heirloom Traditions Paint and Jet Black Gel Wax
  • Alexandrite Heirloom Traditions Paint and Jet Black Gel Wax
  • Naval Heirloom Traditions Paint and White Lime Gel Wax 

I like to buy lots of sample size paints and mix and layer them to make unique layered finishes. If you’re just starting out with layered finishes, I recommend starting with two colors and expanding from there. Here are some of my favorite two-tone layered finishes.


  • BASE COAT: Direct Green: Second Coat: Naval
  • Base Coat: Twilight Second Coat: la Mode’ & Black Bean Dry brused
  • Base Coat: Azalea Second Coat: Moody Dry Brushed then apply Dark Umber Gel Wax

I hope this gives you some ideas on where to start using Heirloom Traditions paint and wax. I like to play with different colors on styling samples, old cabinet doors or old wood. Have a nice experiment!!

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