Dua Lipa’s Pink Cottagecore Bikini Is *Perfection* — Here’s Where to Get the Look for Less

Our one true love, Dua Lipa, kills once again in her amateur style, ditching her lavish concert-favorite catsuits for something a little more low-key and cutesy. Enjoying some time in the sun, Dua traded the extravagance of her stage outfits for a summer-approved floral print bikini.

Dua has been feeding our souls with the best swimwear content while on tour, giving us a peek at her angelic side in a butterfly charm bikini and putting her super-strong bod on display in a simple black two-piece. And this new photo series is no exception.

On May 22, the singer took to Instagram to show off her figure by sharing her “pre-show river dip🌸” spinner, which she took before the next stop on her Future Nostalgia World Tour in Munich, Germany.

Leaning on a plush blanket by the river, Dua exuded an idyllic look in a small summer-approved bikini adorned with delicate floral prints. Can’t you just see Duval picking berries here after her afternoon dip?

With that image, let us tell you, “Be my girl?” The songstress wore Heavy Manners’ triangle bow tie, which features adjustable straps and a buckle in the back, ensuring that no matter how much fun Lipa is having in the lake, it’s secure. As for the out-of-stock “Be My Girl” (Be My Girl?) side bow tie bottoms, Duval wore a high-waisted corset-style bikini that allowed the back to fit her cheek better.

While the uplifting pink, orange and purple combination on the swimsuit provided plenty of visual interest, she added to the excitement with some cool accessories. Dewar wore a gold tribal Hip Chain necklace by London-based label Alan Crocetti around her waist and oversized hoop earrings. The photos and video also show her wearing a square ring on her pinky finger and a glittering green manicure. To complete the look, Duval tied her long hair into a cool ponytail.

Let us tell you, you don’t need to spend a fortune to wear a gold belly necklace or pose as a flower girl this summer. dua- like Dua, with these inexpensive (but equally cute) country-style bikinis and waist chains:

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